About Us

Teamworx Staffing is one of the fastest moving industrial & technical staffing company in the country based at Delhi NCR.Whether you are looking for temporary staffing, direct hires, payroll servicing, Independent Contractor compliance, or HR solutions and consulting, we are here to be of service to you by adding value to your daily operations.

Our foundation is built upon our unmatched industry expertise and specialized staffing delivery model, which provides our customers with temporary & permanent associates in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, contact centers and more.


To be one of the largest facilitator in providing sustainable livelihoods and linking opportunities, quality learning with youth of the nation.


Our mission is to build healthier & productive community using technology based platform benefitting end to end user like Industry & Candidate. To become facilitator in generating employability throughout the nation.





Founder Story

The idea of Teamworx Staffing was emerged between two friends over a discussion on need of skilled workforce versus the skilling & training programs operational in the country. After successful training of lakhs of candidates across the nation covered under numerous training programs & schemes, the balance between skilled manpower requirement in industry and current availability of certified candidates under various job roles is not addressed properly.

We realized that the candidate’s qualification and skill certifications as compared to the requirement are not matched and hence requires a “bridge” to connect right people at right places along with a detailed skill gap analysis on the basis of job roles of these industries.

We have identified our client’s requirement and structuring new talents to cater their needs or could even say in other words that we are meeting a candidates learning skill sets, experience to right job role.

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